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Foreign Trade and Business College of Chongqing Normal University was build in 2001 which has been approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is a full time regular undergraduate college.

The school has two campuses now which are Hechuan campus and Tongliang campus. The school now has more than 17000 students.

After over 10 years’ development, The school is divided into nine secondary schools: the school of cross-border business, the school of literature and creative communication, the college of foreign language, the college of mathematics and computer, the school of big data, the school of management, the school of art and design, the college of performing arts. The school also has established the college of modern education and training, and an international college. The school now has 37 undergraduate majors. English major has been approved the special major of “Chongqing three specials action”.

The school has become a multidisciplinary coordinated developing school. The school keeps improving the quality of teaching and tries the best to make the school to be a standout school all over China.

The school attaches great importance of building the teachers community and the teaching conditions. There are over 32% professors and 65% masters in the school. The school also has a Chongqing teaching lab, a Chongqing college students outdoor experience lab, a Chongqing college students entrepreneurial lab, a Chongqing micro-enterprises training lab, 5 experimental teaching centers, 134 labs and 84 outdoor labs.

The school also continuously focus on building the communication with international colleges and cultivates the character of “foreign trade”. During these years, the school has a great cooperation with the colleges in America, England, Canada and Italy. The school hires over 10 foreign teachers every year. The school also sent over 200 teachers and students to study, internship and work abroad.

The school always places students first, and keeps improving the teaching quality. The school wins a great reputation in society. During these three years, the students has been rewarded 37 national rank 1 prizes and 136 rank 2 prizes. The employment rate of graduate always keeps above 94%. The school has been rewarded over 90 prizes including “the advanced unit of students’ management works in Chongqing”, “the advanced unit of graduates’ employment in Chongqing” and “the national advanced independent college”.


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